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Set #1

Here I arranged a quite simple setup.

Here the individual devices from above downward:

1. Sennheiser EW300
2. Korg DTR-2000 Digital Tuner
3. BOSS GX-700
4. TC Electronic G-Major
5. Nobels MS-4 Midi Switch (not visibly)
6. Marshall TSL 122
7. Nobels MF-2 Midi Footcontroller (not visibly)
8. CryBaby WahWah (not visibly)

The two first devices do not have to be mentioned probably more near; Sennheiser provides for wireless sound and Korg for the correct tune.

The popular BOSS GX-700 (no longer available) I switched  before the Amp. It probably contains the most popular effects from BOSS. Of it I use the NoiseGate, the EQ, the OverDrive as well as the Chorus.

The G-Major is switched parallel into the effects loop of the Amps. I will use only the Reverb, Delay, Chorus and with distorted sound the NoiseGate. By the parallel connection I do not have switching tracing of the signal and can additionally the tone quality change. During this circuit one should make certain however that not at the preliminary stage and in the grinding in way a phase effect (Chorus, Flanger etc.), otherwise it sounds bad and one are switched get a careless signal. Also not the complete signal is added it's changed to separate to the Dry sound (I adjust the mix with the Amp). The Chorus I use thus only in the Clean mode and in the GX-700 only the EQ will be active. With the OverDrive sound is used only the NoiseGate, Reverb and the Delay.

With the Midi SWITCH I switch the individual channels of the Amps and the tuner in muted mode.

The Marshall speaks for itself; Sound of tube fully with 3 independently adjustable channels. In the Clean sound I use the G-Major for the volume rise with Solis.
The distorted sounds are produced by a Crunch and a Lead channel, whereby the Lead channel in the volume something is raised. Bass and treble I likewise increased something, so I can do powerful solos.
Durch den parallelen Einschleifweg habe ich die Möglichkeit das eigentliche Signal dem bearbeitetem Signal beizumischen. By the parallel loop in way I have to add the possibility the actual signal to that worked on signal. Thus I can give according to desire the sound to more warmth of the tubes and have not so a sterile sound of effect (here it finally concerns my Blues Rock equipment).

I switch the individual programs with the Nobels MF-2.

Before the GX-700 I switched still the CryBaby (it does not have to be described probably more).