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Set #2

The Set #2  contains the following components (from above downward):

1. 2x Marshall TSL 100
3. Korg DTR-1000 Digital Tuner
4. Sennheiser EW300
5. VOODOO LAB GCX Guitar Audio Switcher
6. BOSS GX-700
7. TC Electronic G-Force
8. TC Electronic G-Major
9. Rocktron Hush IIc
10. Marshall Power Brake
11. CryBaby WahWah (not visibly)
12. VOODOO LAB Ground Control Pro (not visibly)

Two Marshall TSL 100 Top to heat the training room - finally a cold winter will come ;-)

No, we remain with the material part. Both Marshalls have 3 channels, however I use only one preamp, in the second Top is used only the poweramp (has also the advantage during defectively a preamp or a channel switch - simply change). The poweramps are plugged in stereo, however from the G-Force i.e. I use no parallel loop in way as with the ' Bluesy Lucy' set separate a serial. The master volume is steered by the g-Force, the channel volume and the tone control takes place via the preamp of the first Top.

My FURMAN is for power supplying so quite everything that is plugged in. The part decreases voltage peaks of electricity mains to me and filters besides still spurious frequencies from the net. Power in any case with expensive effect racks sense, because the effects do not like it, to get if it times a small power boost.

With the Korg tuner and the Sennheiser EW300 I do not have to descibe more in greater detail.

The GCX is a fine part. It makes it possible the individual effect devices to switch by midi in arbitrary order. Thus one has all sound possibilities. Besides also still the channel switching of the amps and the mute mode of the tuner can take place. As small additive the GCX possesses two connections at the front which I use to loop in the CryBaby (thus only the cables remain visibly going those from and to the CryBaby).

The GX-700, as already in my other set mentions, has the usual effects of BOSS in itself. I also here exclusively use the device before the Amp.

The heart of my rack is the G-Force. It is responsible for heading for the two power amps and distributes the signal stereo. The effects are stored in groups of programs and can be activated or deactivated alternatively individually. I use predominantly the Harmonizer, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ, NoiseGate, Compressor and the Booster.

As counterpart to the G-Force I use G-Major predominantly before the preamp for special sound effects. It is switched under normal conditions after the GX-700. Delay, Chorus, Flanger and Phaser are the main effects which I use in this equipment, whereby I can steer all parameters dynamically with the FCB1010.

Around also to get after the whole effects nearly a low-noise sound, I hung the Hush IIcx before the power amps. Such an old part can cause miracles.

That Marshall Power Brake I use almost exclusively for recording purposes or if I use live one cabinet; otherwise I take a Audix D3 for each box.

The CryBaby does not require an explanation.

With the FCB1010 I steer the whole gear. By the two pedals I have to steer the possibility the most important parameters of my effects dynamically. I arranged programming in such a way that I change 1-4 in principle only programs with the tracers. Key 5 lifts and/or lowers me the volume whereby key 10 will all devices mute. The keys 6-9 are with single effects for the respective program occupied e.g. key of 8 for the Harmonizer etc.. With this part one has each quantity of changeable variables - I find it simply perfect.

That's it.